Dear valued customer,

Thank you for your interest in LevelAid !

With a focus on personal health and well-being, our mission is to develop well-made product solutions to ensure better ergonomics and a more convenient world for everyone.

We are very excited to introduce a distinct appliance mechanism that will shape the next generation of dishwashers in the home. By modernizing this age-old machine with new lifting capability, we are providing a smart ergonomic alternative that will immediately
benefit people everywhere.

Our innovative product is a great opportunity for you and your loved ones to maintain or improve your health and daily comfort. Our LevelAid dishwasher will help by lowering the soreness and discomfort to handle the dishes, especially if you are an aging adult, a tall individual or a person with lower back pain issues. We could also provide a benefit to wellness-oriented individuals proactively maintaining proper posture.

Today, we are introducing our first product to engage in a conversation. We’d like to get your candid feedback and insight around our exclusive concept which will help us move forward and help bring a truly user centric product to market.

If you are planning for a kitchen renovation, remodeling or building a new home, and are looking to upgrade your dishwasher, we’d love to speak with you! Please send us your thoughts, interest and any information through our website Pre-order form. We’ll send you updates on our development and give you priority to order and get a Level Aid™ dishwasher once ready to enter the market. 

We hope to hear from you soon and remember it is never too late to ”Adopt-A-Good-Posture”!

Christian Moreau,
Founder of LevelAid Appliance Group